Sausage, Danish Frankfurter (Kæmpe Frankfurter) 4 pcs 700 gr

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The real Danish Frankfurter is the top of the line when it comes to flavour packed classic sausages!

Unlike an "international" Frankfurter, this has more flavors and more smoke, it is outstanding on the grill and otherwise PERFECT slow cooked on a skillet.

This is our big boy at almost 200 gr each, this will fill most cavities, it is a sausage that can still be used in a bun..... that is, if you have a big bun!

It also comes to its rights on its own - pair it with hot mustard, remoulade, chill and ketchup with fried potatoes, chips, potato salad, mash, coleslaw or what ever you passion is and you will be in sausage heaven in no time!

4 pieces

800 gram

vacuum packed