About Sausage Factory

We have created Sausage Factory out of a true passion for Danish and Scandinavian food, and we want to make it simple to order online and get hassle free delivery straight to your door.

We have already held quite a lot of well executed catering sessions, with a lot of happy people, but for those who have not yet tried our delicious sausages and other products, we can inform you; there has been many contributors to make it perfect!
We started with a keen and genuine love for classic Danish Food, followed by many years of experience in cooking it abroad in Asia with whatever raw ingredients we had available without ever compromising flavors and quality.
We also have held multiple Danish xmas lunches with 100s of happy participants - we know the drill.

As supporting contributors, Dansk Supermarked have facilitated us with principal knowledge of their original industrial recipes and processes, more than a couple of reputable Danish Butcher shops and lots of Grandmothers have shared their ideas with us too.

The recipes used for leverpostej (liver paté) and rullepølse (Pork Roulade) and many other Danish Classics are prepared with inspiration from Brdr. Prices recipes from the popular danish food show, "Spise med Price" as well as Ida Davidsen, Klaus Meyer, others and as mentioned, a few grandmothers...

All recipes have undergone a "localization" because many raw materials here in the Philippines have slightly different flavors, textures and properties than the ones we know from the same raw materials in Denmark: pork tastes a bit more of a pig here, onions don't have the same sting as they do in Denmark and so on, so we spent quite some time adjusting our recipes to guarantee you get the flavor you know from Denmark, and if you don't know the flavors from Denmark yet, welcome to a new world of tast we hope you will embrace Viking Style ;)

We will gradually be upgrading the assortment with new variants of sausages, bread and condiments, even more cold cuts and other things are in the works!

We are only using sourced ingredients of the highest quality, and we purchase and outsource from recognized and documented suppliers and manufactures and some of the "haute couture" products like Smoked Trout, Skinkesalat, Rejesalat and Hønsesalt, etc we make inhouse at our own boutique facilities - fresh to your order the same morning!

We are using the latest technology and procedures for food processing, like Sous Vide, Controlled Cold Smoking and much more, plus love and care! So simply, we can guarantee you get only the highest food quality and food safety standards in the same league as that old Butcher Shop back home in Denmark, where Mom & Pop just go that extra mile to beat the low quality processed and canned products you can buy in the supermarket.

Order your items in 4 simple steps:

  1. Register your account and address (you only need to do this once).
  2. Fill your shopping cart.
  3. Chose delivery method of your order.
  4. Chose payment method of your order.

Wait for confirmation from us via e-mail with delivery date and time.

The goods are delivered properly packed and frozen or chilled with express motorcycle or car delivery in Manila, Angeles, Subic and Batangas.

For other provinces pack in styroboxes, we use Cebu Pacific Airlines for delivery to nearest Airport where you will need to pick it up, please contact us about that, the fees from Cebu Pacific varies on destination and goods volume; in general orders from 15-20kg make it viable.