Good advice for great flavors!

Since we have now launced a small assortment of sausages, we thought it better to let you in on the the secret of cooking them just right, so you have an opportunity to get the right flavor and texture out of them and impress your guests.

Cooking a sausage just right is an art form like any other perfect food, now we have put 100's of hours in getting the fresh sausage just right, now you just need to take charge of the rest of the way to sausage perfection.

The way its done in the 1000's of traditional hotdog stands in Denmark is slow cooking at low temperature. You only need a skillet and about 30 minutes.

The skillet needs to be operated at 100-110 degrees C.
Then you add a thin layer of a good butter like Arla Lurpak or some bacon fat.
Then you put the sausages on, keep the temperature of the skillet at 100-110 degrees for a perfect result.
Flip the sausages over every 5 minutes then they will develop the nice brown stripes which adds to the the perfect flavor and texture.

Now unless you buy a professional sausage fryer like this, you may need to invest in a new gadget to ensure your skillet have the right temperature during the cooking process - once you have figured out what setting your stove needs to make the skillet 100-110 degrees, you are set for life, and cooking like a sausage Jedi Master is easy. The equipment you need has some relation to old Master Yoda, though it is just a simple Laser Thermometer, it is a distant cousin of a light saber nevertheless  ;)

Laser Thermometers are available in most hardware stores, if you can't find one, email us, we can get one for you and ship with your sausage order.

With a Laser Thermometer in hand you can also start your journey to becoming a greater home chef, you can now apply the T + T = T

Temperature + Time = Texture

This applies to all cooking, simple as that, if you know the temperature of your grill, oven or skillet you just need a stopwatch then you can cook anything - just perfect - now no more mystery how to cook that sausage, steak, pork chop or salmon cutlet perfectly!

Was this too much information?

Well, you can also just throw some sausages on the BBQ actually... have fun with our products, we sure do ;)