Christmas Lunch De Luxe Menu (Luxus Julemenu) Order min 6 pax

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  • ₱1,499.00

A complete menu set for Danish Christmas Lunch, you must order for min 6 persons (the price is per person, so just enter the number of persons of your party, then we will do the rest)

Please order 3 days in advance for Manila, 4-5 days in advance if you live in the provinces and we need to airship to you)

All items come cooked ready to eat, you just need to preheat certain items.

This years De Luxe Menu has the following items

Rye Bread (Rugbrød)

Wheat Bread (Franskbrød)

Arla Butter (Smør)

2 Kinds of Danish Herring with eggs, onion rings and curry salad (2 slags sild med æg og karry salat)

Cold smoked Norwegian Salmon with egg custard (Koldrøget laks med røræg)

Gravlax, curred Norwegian Salmon with dill sauce (Gravad Laks med dill sauce)

Arctic Prawn (in brine) with mayonaise (Rejer i lage med mayonaise)

Pork Rillettes with mustard, beet roots and onion slices (Sylte med sennep, rødbede og rå løg)

Cold Roast Beef from Rumpsteak center cut with remoulade, crispy onion, horse radish and pickled cucumber (Roastbeef af tyksteg med remoulade, ristede løg, peberrod og agurkesalat)

Plaicefilet with remoulade and lemon (rødspættefilet med remoulade og citron)

Liver pate with bacon and mushroom (Leverpostej med bacon og champignon)

Danish meatballs with potato salad (Frikadeller med kartoffelsalat)

Tartlets with chicken a la king (Tarteletter med høns i asparges)

Medister Sausage (Medisterpølse)

Pork Loin Roast (Flæskesteg)

Duck Breast (Andebryst)

Smoked Pork Loin (Hamburgerryg)

Caramelized baby potato (brune kartofler)

Red Cabbage (Rødkål)

Creamed Spinach (Flødestuvet spinat)

Christmas Gravy (Brun julesovs)

Danish Rice Pudding with Cherry Sauce (Ris ala mande med kirsebærsovs)

Trust us you will be FULL ;)