Rice Pudding Danish Style (Ris a la mande med kirsebærsovs) 800 gr - 4 Portions

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This is THE Danish Christmas dessert, traditionally eaten during December, but why wait, you can have it now we are entering October soon anyway ......

This dessert is made from special short grain, high polished rice from Italy, then they are boiled in Arla milk mixed with Real Vanilla for an hour, then set in cold storage over night to infuse the vanilla flavor, the we add chopped almonds and plenty of Arla Cream and top it off with our very own Cherry Preserve made from real European Cherries and a little wine from Portugal.

The result is a fantastic balance of textures and flavors, there is a reason we Danes love this dish, desipite its French name Ris A La Mande it was invented in the kitchens of the most famous hotels of all times in Copenhagen D.Angleterre some 150 years ago, since then it has moved into the kitchens of every household in Demark.

Try something uniquely Danish......

 We are sorry, the price is higher this year, we use REAL vanilla and thats up some 300% since last year