Pork Belly Pre-cooked (Stegt Flæsk forkogt) 1 kg

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This is THE National Dish in Denmark, even officially so and we decided to give you ONLY the best.

To make this perfect is almost and artform that requires serious skill and knowledge at the same level as a Michelin chef.

We have taken the hard part of it away, we use only the best pork we can find in Philippines, we are then slicing up the pork belly in 9mm slices, then it is dry-salted and left to cure for 24 hours. After 24 Hours the sliced meat is vacuum packed and cooked using the latest 100% accurate temperature cooking technique @ 76 degrees C for 3 hours using a Sous Vide immersion circulation cooking device, then we flash chill the meat and freeze it in the same bag.

Now it is ready for YOU, already the right salt balance and cooked to super soft texture, now all you need to do is unfreeze it, take it out of the bag and grill it, fry it in a skillet or grill it in your oven - all using highest temperature setting till it is golden brown, about 10 minutes, then welcome to pork belly heaven Danish style.

Best enjoyed with freshly boiled baby potato and parsley sauce - that´s true old school Nordic Food.

You can of course also just add some BBQ sauce and grill it American style........